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Find Great Bargains on CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs

Use blank CDs to backup your computer or compile your favorite songs into a 'mix tape'. Of course, you can also store your favorite songs in MP3 format, enabling you to fit hundreds of songs on a single disc.

Find the very latest new release movies of DVD. Ebay offers one of the cheapest ways to enjoy great movies for a low price. And you'll find new releases as well as some of the old classics. Remember to check the reputation of the seller before buying.

Hear music the way it was meant to be enjoyed--crystal clear sound on digital players. CDs can be played on portable boom-boxes or attached to home stereo units. But when you add the ability to read MP3s, you enter into a new realm...CDs generally hold up to 200 songs on a single disc when stored in MP3 format.

Dual layer blu-ray writers can store up to 50 gigs of data...something unprecedented in the portable data storage industry. This allows you to backup a hard drive without buying 30 writeable DVDs. Of course, you can also copy blu-ray movies with your PC (those that aren't copyrighted). What's more, you can store hours and hours of home video on a single disc.

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